A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The demo was made during and for the 2022 NaNoRenO jam. As of today, the game is a WORK IN PROGRESS. If you see this message, it means I am working on it. When this message disappears it means the full game has arrived.

A reanimated corpse (that being you), a sentient ring, and an amnesiac fiend walk into a bar. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke? It’s not. It’s your life from the moment you woke up on a morgue slab.

Your number one priority? Escape the clutches of the mad Warlock. You’re an (aspiring? re-aspiring? You’ve done it once already, damn it) eldritch being, not a lab rat!

  • lore-heavy interactive story (linear with choices),
  • custom MC (name, pronouns, personality),
  • 2 gender-changeable ROs + 1 hidden route, *
  • 9 illustrations to collect, *
  • X time and words per single playthrough.*

*in the full game.

Genre: dark fantasy, romance

Warnings: This game is intended for a mature audience and includes topics such as: slight gore, body-horror, temporary amnesia (not MC), depersonalization, mention of past child neglect (not MC), small spaces, coffins, depictions of violence, themes of death, mentions of mind-altering substances, suggestive themes (nothing explicit but one of the ROs is a cambion. [half-demon offspring of an incubus, succubus, or other demon and a human.])

1.Is WYC:Reprise a direct sequel to I’m the Echo when You call?

A: Yes and No. This game can be considered an AU, and it follows the Ending 4 of ItEwYc. If you achieved another ending, this game doesn’t happen in that universe. That doesn’t mean Ending 4 is the canon one: it’s an interactive fiction, there’s no such thing as canon. I just wanted to explore the setting more.

2. Do I need to read ItEwYc before playing WYC:Reprise to understand what’s going on?

A: Nope! Between ItEwYc and WYC:R passes three hundred years. MC can be easily considered a completely different person and their past is irrelevant save for a plot point that will be explained at large during the game.

3. What happened to Echo???

A: Play and find out! [Hint: Echo’s not dead]

4. When will the whole game be finished?

A: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Will the full game be paid?

A: Yup! Around 7 USD, depending on how many extra features I end up implementing.

6. Will this be a partial or full release?

A: Full release! I’ll upload the game in parts (as soon as they are done) on Patreon, then once the entire game is finished it will be released here.

7. Can I record/share/stream/etc the playthrough?

A: Yes, but only the common route so as to not spoil the entire plot. Additionally, please refrain from posting ‘no-commentary’ videos. Thank you! <3

MC: an eldritch god who was once a mortal. 

Name (given by the Warlock): Veter - the old one. 

True name: [customizable]

Personality [customizable]:

[] higher grace: having discarded abject emotions for the sake of maintaining balance, you have long forgotten how to be human, and what that means.

  • disinterested by mortal’s affairs, either good or bad,
  • dubious (by human’s standards) morality,
  • regardless of actual feelings, the outward appearance is calm and composed.

[] core of steel: neither truly godlike nor fully human you balance on the blunt edge of madness, easily swayed from side to side, though never truly falling towards either. 

  • unpredictable, slightly chaotic,
  • leaping towards the unknown without a moment of thought,
  • prone to outbursts when faced with matter that are liked/disliked.

[] touched by the Void: despite your transformation, you’ve retained shards of your former humanity. 

  • sensitive to social injustice, genuine and open,
  • straightforward, doesn’t consider dishonesty,
  • gentle demeanor, cries easily.


  • spent the majority of your mortal life searching for knowledge that would make you immortal,
  • as any self-made god, you've lost a few decades (centuries?) to madness. Whatever you did during that time remains a mystery.


The Fiend: recently amnesiac, Pluvia wandered into the Warlock’s hut seeking shelter from the storm. Bound in a contract seemingly without an end, [he/she] was made to serve the Warlock’s every whim... or would have been, if the Warlock remembered drafting the contract in the first place.

Name (given by the Warlock): Pluvia 

True name: ???

Alias: the Fiend

Likes: food, literature, peace, and quiet

Dislikes: cheerful people, mornings, violence

Personality: Which parts of Pluvia’s personality presented due to amnesia and which are carved into [his/her] core is hard to guess. The fiend is a bit of a stuck-up, though curious and rather bold. The eloquent way of speaking suggests that back home [he/she] carried some sort of position, be it an official or a courtier. It couldn’t have been anything major, though, otherwise somebody would have been sent to find [him/her] by now.


  • doesn’t remember [his/her] past, but somehow remembers most, if not all, stories [he/she]'s read. Likes to quote them often,
  • forever hungry, Pluvia likes to eat, but is never satisfied.


The Ring: a petty thief sentenced to death by hanging, only to end up in the Warlock’s hands. The first successful attempt at the body-soul separation, and thus a valuable member of the Warlock’s collection of oddities. 

Name (given by the Warlock): Carcer

True name: N/A

Alias: the Ring

Likes: music, storms, "three good things” game

Dislikes: silence, authority, injustice

Personality: [his/her] good-humored, happy-go-lucky attitude seems to rub Pluvia the wrong way. Carcer doesn’t worry about that. Well, [he/she] doesn’t worry much about anything, at least, not since [he/she] died ‘on a technicality.' Carcer would ‘strongly prefer’ to have [his/her] body back, but seeing as it’s no longer possible, [he/she] is determined to make the best of this un-life.


  • the mood ring changes colors to suit Carcer’s... you guessed it, mood. The choice of a ring was purely accidental, though,
  • in [his/her] new ‘container’ Carcer can’t see nor smell, but [his/her] auditory perception and tactile sense are greatly improved.

The Warlock:  a case in point that with immortality comes a great... decrease in sanity. There's not much to be said about [him/her] other than the rumors. Some say [he/she] having the morals of a toddler, plays with all sorts of creatures as though they are dolls with re-attachable limbs. Others insist that [his/her] actions have a reason. They all agree, though, that aside from collecting rare artifacts, ???’s interest zones on experiments and experiments alone. 

True name: ???

Alias: the Warlock

Likes: forgotten knowledge, rare artifacts, people-watching

Dislikes: touch, noise, lies

Personality: cold, apathetic, absent-minded. At least that's what you've heard.


  • likes naming things. All the things. Yes, even you,
  • might or might not have been cursed at least once in the past. Can’t talk about it.

The prequel: [I'm the Echo when You call]

Engine: [Ren'Py by Tom Rothamel]

Writing, GUI, coding, art: [PDRRook]  

[Twitter] [Tumblr

Proofreaders/editors: [Steph 'Jeneara' M] [Dom]

Beta players: [Steph 'Jeneara' M] [Dom]

Textures: [ambientcg]

Fonts, Free for Personal and Commercial Use: 

[Catharsis Requiem]

[RM Almanack]


WYCReprise-1.0-mac.zip 55 MB
WYCReprise-1.0-pc.zip 89 MB