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Revenge is a dish best served cold, and what’s colder than a literal corpse? 

With your appointment as the royal Summoner, you were to expect glory. Instead, your short career ended with your death. Your achievements and past were buried under the wreckage, somewhere on a plot of barren land called the Crossroads. Death, however, wasn’t your end. It’s only the beginning. 

Now, stifled under the thumb of Mastravisch Azvael Ories - the supreme ruler of the Overshadow realm, where ghosts and demons run rampant - you are bound by a life contract - that for an undead means eternal servitude. 

Just when you begin to settle into your new life, building some semblance of normalcy, you are betrayed, left to perish. Though weakened, but with a body that finally belongs to you alone, you vow to get revenge on both your almost-destroyer and the damned tyrant that once held your leash.

- a tale of love, trust, betrayal, and revenge, 

- dark fantasy, romance, 

- customizable protagonist (name, appearance, family relations, pronouns, background), 

- five (5) gender-chooseable love interests, 

- 5* different endings 

- Rating: 17+

- the first 2 chapters (the demo), around 50k words, are free. The full project will be priced at $5

* might be subjected to change 

WARNING for dark fantasy setting, dubious morality, blood, gore, graphic violence and depiction of death, on-screen murder, possible cannibalism and minor animal cruelty (demon characters), vomiting, suggestive themes, tyranny. Reader discretion is advised. 

LT and locked routes: Picking one RO blocks the others, aside from possible LT: Rez vs Mirren and Lotár vs Malitiōse To romance Saltire, you should remain unattached to anyone in the prologue. Similarly, you need to pick a romantic option with the RO(s) you’re interested in for the game to ‘remember’ your choice. Some romantic choices will be blocked due to your choices i.e.,if you and Mirren have a past, Lotár and  Malitiōse will be unavailable during that playthrough, though neither Saltire nor Malitiōse have strictly romantic choices in the prologue.

For the full profiles: check the screenshots, or [this post].

  • ☾ The Summoner, MC - [Y/N] [Y/S]

[]chaotic                vs            []plotting

[]altruistic              vs           [] self-serving

[]sense of chaos    vs            []brute force

  • ≀ Lotár    [sly] [egocentric] [eloquent]        [Playlist]      [Pinboard]

Species: snake demon 

Distinguishing marks: forked tongue, elliptical pupils, piercing on the bridge of nose

Random skill: ballroom dancing

Interests: forbidden knowledge, exploration, chess

Occupation: éminence grise 

Alignment: neutral evil

⚔  Mirren ‘Ren’        [indifferent] [steadfast] [patient]        [Playlist]      [Pinboard]

Species: construct

Distinguishing marks: severe scarring on the left side of face/eye patch

Random skill: cooking

Interests: meditation, transcribing manuscripts, astronomy

Occupation: chancellor (the chief advisor)

Alignment: true neutral

⚔ Rez        [brutally honest] [daring] [loyal]        [Playlist]      [Pinboard]

Species: construct

Distinguishing marks: severe scarring on the right side of face/sewn eye

Random skill: sewing and embroidery

Interests: wrestling, adventures, gambling

Occupation: pursuivant (junior officer of arms)

Alignment: chaotic neutral

♝ Saltire Farros       [austere] [earnest] [fair]        [Playlist]      [Pinboard]

Species: human/ghost

Distinguishing marks: lustrous cobalt eyes (fae-touched)

Random skill: folding complex origami

Interests: weapons, medicine, equestrianism

Occupation: hunter

Alignment: lawful good

✺Malitiōse ‘Mal’    [debonair] [two-faced] [willful]      [Playlist]      [Pinboard]

Species: shapeshifter (coyote)

Distinguishing marks: fangs, ears and tail

Random skill: can play almost all instruments 

Interests: puzzles, deconstructing items, jewelry-making

Occupation: mountebank

Alignment: chaotic evil

Engine: [Ren'Py by Tom Rothamel

Writing, GUI, coding, art: [PDRRook]  

[Twitter] [Tumblr

Coding help: [victoriel]  

Proofreaders/beta players: [ Steph 'Jeneara' M]  [Dom] [Cassiel] 

Music by [Dark Fantasy Studio

Fonts, Free for Personal and Commercial Use:  [Caslon Antique] and [Durwent]

Found a bug/error? Send it [here]!


FoolMeOnce-3.1.2-mac.zip 60 MB
FoolMeOnce-3.1.2-pc.zip 94 MB
com.pdrr.fmo-release.apk 76 MB

Install instructions

Download the selected file. Open and launch using the .exe icon. 

Development log

  • 2.1
  • 1.1


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I adore this game <3 But I noticed some of the choices are blocked- how do I choose the "romantic" option in the bathtub scene with Malitiose?  All of the flirty responses are blocked for Lotar as well.  Pls help!!

Thank you! :D To unlock Malitiose’s route, you can’t pick any romantic choices with the other ROs during the first chapter, save for Lotár’s. Similarly, if you want to pursue Lotár, you need to steer clear from Mirren’s and Rez’s heart marked options. Additionally, your alignment changes some of the romantic and non-romantic scenes, though it doesn’t lock you out of any route. Hope it helps!

(1 edit)

Love the game, the writing's amazing! One thing I've noticed is that choosing the "romantic" choice during the bath scene with Malitiose sets his route, but also deletes a huge chunk of his accumulated relationship stat. Is that intentional? Thank you so much.

Thank you! <3 It's a bug, sorry! The stats in chapter 2 are messed up in places, but it doesn't block you from any scenes/choices in the demo, so you're not missing anything content-wise. I'll get the fix done as soon as I can, though!

The stat changes in chapter 2 confuses me. Sometimes, a choice that should raise my high stats lowers them instead, or does nothing at all.

(1 edit)

Strange indeed! I'll take a look at the code, thanks for letting me know. :D

Edit: I took a gander at the code and asked for a second option from my editor, who fixed-up my stats, and I have to make it clear that there are (usually flavor choices) that don't raise or lower your stats, and there are choices that will only lower your stats (mostly for romance, but these are rather obvious). If you could detail which stat choice(s) confused you specifically, I'll have a better chance of making sure that the stats are indeed functioning correctly and the result of each choice is clear to the player. 

I have also seen same weird behavior specifically from altruistic stat when player has a choice to accept Saltire without an oath or make him swear it. Choice to believe him somehow tanked altruistic stat, if I remember correctly. And later, on choosing Saltire route (to accompany him), it somehow greatly lowered his affection stat.


Yes! Thank you for specifying, that is indeed a bug. I already found the faulty code, and I am in the middle of fixing the issue. Thanks again!


so before the 2.1 update, i was hellbent on Lotár without giving anyone else attention.. that's what i strive for until.. Malitiōse snatched my attention ;-; now i love both Lotár and Malitiōse and strive for BOTH of them now.

it's really funny, when i read about Malitiōse. i thought i was gonna hellbent hate him. but oh boy, i've been proven wrong. oh dear, oh god. how can the author do this to me?! so many thoughts have been thought about. and this vn will have a chokehold on me.

would buy it 100% when i have the money just for the fact that i am curious about both the world and characters and wanted to support the author. thanks so much for creating this, i greatly enjoyed it <3

Can't wait to play the full game!!!!! Love it ;D

Also... ... steam version, plzzzz?

Thank you! :D I am also very excited to share the full game as soon as it's done! 

Ah, no, sorry. I am not planning on releasing my games on Steam right now, as they require a registration fee of US$100 for each published game + 30% revenue of said game(s). Aside from that, creating a Steam page and the approval process both take a lot of time and work, unlike here. Itch.io lets me do all that and more for basically no cost on my part, so, as a small solo dev Steam is just not a service I can comfortably afford. :)

Lotar is my favorite character he is hilarious also this game is super fun!!

can't wait to buy the full thing when it comes out <3 all the ROS are amazing 


I would die for Lotar omg thank you so much for this chapter. I'm so excited for the final game. The writing is amazing, your word choice is beautiful, and the tension between MC and Lotar is just *chefs kiss*. Please please please keep up the good work! I'm going to go play through the rest of the routes now :)


Oh my, Chapter 2 was insanely good!!!!!!! So well-written (no surprises there, it's always like this with your work), the story is so amazing AND THE FUCKING CHARACTERS...... I LOVE THEM. ALL OF THEM.












I was not expecting at all the dynamic that Saltire/Malitiose have. I thought they would totally despise each other but no. Okay, they are far from best friends, but the teasing was so, so good hahahahahahaha The dynamic between Saltire/MC/Malitiose is the best; I love it deeply. And talking about surprises, I don't know why I had it in me that I wouldn't like Malitiose much, and oh boy, HOW WRONG I WAS. I'm down bad for this guy, I swear, and I'm definitely curious about his past with MC. Like very curious.

I like how Chapter 1 and 2 are so different. What I mean is, in Chapter 1, you are surrounded by people that you don't trust at all (I'm looking at you two, Mirren and Lotár), and one of the few that you actually trust DOES THAT. But Chapter 2, okay, you still are with people that you don't trust, but both of them show that they would do anything for you. It's refreshing, really. MC needs a break hahahahhahahahahaha.

My favorite part of Chapter 2 is when MC reminisces about her time with Lotár... that was something else, a very good job!!! Finally (because I know I'm just rambling at this point), it's hard to pick a favorite when all your characters are so well made. Choosing between Mirren, Lotár, and Malitiose is almost impossible for me, but I will say it's Lotár for now. I love that damn snake so much ahahahahaha.

Hope you stay safe and healthy, and I'M SO HYPED AAAAAA! Thank you for this amazing, awesome, perfect work you have here <3


BRO THIS UPDATE WAS SO SCRUMPTIOUS great job author!! The writing was sharp as always, and I can't (but will) wait to see more! I'm obviously biased since I'm down *bad* for Maltiose but I fucking devoured this new chapter IT WAS SOO GOOD

WHY IS THIS SO GOOD OMG I LOVE IT!! also, rez for life les gooo-

Thank you! :D

Mastravisch 🫣

Love the story and the characters ! I have so many questions about them ! I'm gonna replay right now to discover other paths !

Glad to hear it, and I hope the new updates will also be to your liking! 

This is so awesome!! I love the UI and atmosphere of the game! I also really appreciate how there's a lawful good LI <3 

Thanks for playing! <3


thank you so much for blessing us with your works this game is amazing and i cant wait for more updates ❤️✨

Thank *you* for playing and leaving me such a nice comment! 


I love it :O I can't wait for more <3

Thank you! I hope the updates will also be satisfactory. :)

(4 edits) (+3)

I adore every single LI but I'm also simping for the tyrant, lord help me I am trash XD If he becomes a magical secret route I am gonna climb him like an evil tree.




I am glad to hear it! <3 I am not planning on adding M as a RO for various reasons, but I think the main one will be obvious later on. It is plot-related, that’s all I can say for now. ;)

Please, do keep the spoilers off the main page if that’s all right with you, I’d really appreciate that. Especially with the comments that are more up high, it can ruin other players’ first experience. You can do so by either by adding a few blank passages that will put your spoiler under ‘read more’ or simply using the devlog(s) you can find them just below the download button. Thank you! :D


Thank you for the advice <3 I hid the spoilers, I didn't know how to do it well but now I put them under read more. 


Nice game! I love all the LI's but also want the tyrant ruler lmao

Thank you! :D

(3 edits) (+2)

 im kinda down bad for Mastravisch... like holy shit, im supposed to hate him. 

Anyway, this game is really good, i just hope it's not abandoned and even more so when i'm itching for it.  Also, the art is another thing that makes my iq room temperature rise. GOD DAMN IT I LOVE THIS GAME AAA


Haha, yes you are more than supposed to, it’s highly encouraged. 😂 I definitely did not see that one coming, but well, I am glad to see all of you enjoying yourself. 

Thank you! It’s not abandoned, don’t worry! As a passion project, I can promise that unless something happens to me, I will continue working on it no matter what. The second chapter is actually almost done, half of it is officially out, though I only offer the partial updates on my Patreon. This release takes slightly longer because aside from working on another IF, and well, working in general, my friend is helping me re-code the game in Twine to add more features such as letting the player set the gender of the ROs separately etc. I really can’t wait for you all to see the new stuff, I am SO stoked!


No but when I say that I would love to live in PDRRook's brain I'M SERIOUS. I love their stuff I can't get enough I swear..

I started playing their vns because the art caught my attention but I stayed for the stories <3 


Thank you for making my entire week 🥺❤️


I have just come across this game and have not have time to play yet (but I definitely will, promise!). I just write this cmt to ask if, um, we will able to have time to sit down and fold complex origami with Saltire :)) ? Because when can this interesting skill of his be mentioned in the plot lol, that would have been nice XD

There will be a scene where Saltire’s hobby is more or less obvious, but folding origami together hm, I’ll keep that in mind!

Hehe that would be nice, I will keep looking forward to it!


This was really terrific! Mirren caught my interest right off I just got these angsty vibes whilst reading lol I'd like to think that the reason he avoids eye contact/touch is because otherwise he would reveal his all consuming love/lust lol oh how I can wish! His teeth grinding just cinches it for me. Rez now... Damn. His route will be second for me definitely but Mirren is first :D I will definitely pay $5 for the full game no problem!

Thank you! <3 I am glad to hear it! Mirren’s romance is one of my favorites to write (all that angst and unvoiced tension, my beloved), so I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the route!


Am I the only weirdo sitting here like 'okay but can we get freaky with Mastravisch?' Lol, this demo is so interesting though!! I REALLY looking forward to the second chapter. Is there an ETA? :)




No ETA, sorry, as I am busy with IRL work, but I am writing as fast as I can, and making progress slowly but surely. I am hoping to have the second chapter finished this month though, fingers crossed.


not me lowkey kinda curious about mastravisch and a toxic ass romance </3 need therapy. Anyway great demo! looking forward to the rest


I can promise more M, but not much romance, least of all reciprocated, sorry! For plot-reasons, mostly, aside from all that uh obvious power imbalance and such. I’ll keep that in mind for some misc snippets/scenes, though! Maybe from some what-if scenario, I need them to have more of an equal footing for it to be more digestive for me, but I will tag everything appropriately. It’ll still be dark, all things considered, but hopefully interesting enough to satisfy the tyrant-lovin’ connoisseurs 🤔😂


Could we not have the option to vary the ro's gender? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the game so far, but as a bi person that kind of puts me off...


I answered the question just down below (one comment down), so allow me to just copy-paste the answer: "I get what you mean, but honestly it’s only for the ease of coding for me, since it’s way simpler to have and use one variable for all ROs, than different for each, at last for a rookie like me, I mean. I will keep that in mind for when the game is done, though, but I can’t promise anything."  


Oh, glob. I love this. Just the early parts of first chapter was enough to pull me into the story and immersed me in the world inside it. My glob. I'm reeling from the betrayal, and I feel all the emotions so much. 

I really love the way you write your stories, poignant and immersive. I'm looking forward to more of this.

Thank you sm! :D


Really excited about this, but I do personally wish there was an option to play as a bisexual character capable of romancing both men and women. A way to randomize the genders of the given love interests would push this title from good to great for me!


Glad to hear it! :D I get what you mean, but honestly it’s only for the ease of coding for me, since it’s way simpler to have and use one variable for all ROs, than different for each, at last for a rookie like me, I mean. I will keep that in mind for when the game is done, though, but I can’t promise anything.


Wow, this demo was something else. I think its one of the best i ever played, really. Im amazed abt the storytelling and especially the characters.  We know so little abt them but they are so fucking charismatics! It hurted when the demo ended. I want to know more. Every little secret they have.

This is the second game of yours that i play and i must say, i love your writing. U are too good, too talented. 

Do u have an idea when will be the full release? Im not trying to rush u, please dont think that! I just want to know when i'll be able to read more of this amazing story <3

Stay safe and healthy <3


Ah, thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy the finished game as well. <3 

No worries! I am hoping to have the full game done in less than a year, but realistically it shouldn’t take longer than two since I don’t have to work on the art assets. There will be one more update of the public demo though, with the full second chapter and the updated first. Can’t say when exactly, but shouldn’t be too long now as the second chapter is half-way done.

Thank you, you too! :D


Im sure i will!! 

Yayyyyyyyyy, we will get one more chapterrr <3 

Thank you for replying me! Take as long as u need, we can wait for your masterpiece. 

Stay well!

Ps: i fucking love your art too, just forgot to mention before.


Thank you! :D 


Just curious, but which route is planned to have the most toxic relationship?  My guess is either on Lotar or Mal, but my gut tells me Lotar will be redeemed in his route so my final guess would probably be Mal.  


Neither is 'planned' to be toxic. Both Lotar and Mal are evil in alignment, but that hardly makes them toxic in a relationship with MC. The characters as we see them, especially in the demo, aren't all that there is to them, nor will they stay stagnant - as there is progress, there's always development. Now, can you, as the reader, find their actions undesirable and toxic despite my own attempts at portraying them otherwise, sure, there are as many points of view as there are people (plus there are 5 ROs, so it's more than easy to skip the ones you don't want to experience), but just because the setting is dark, doesn't mean every aspect of the story has to be the same. 

IT'S JUST CHAPTER 1 BUT IT'S SO GOOD?!?! sign me up omg tysm


Glad you think so! :D


I really enjoyed WYC but I have to say this is just a delight so far. I like having the other LIs locked out - makes the playability feel more, which I have made sure to set up with a save page for each possible set up. Can't wait to see how Lot/Mal plays out in particular :D Thanks for putting out so much entertaining material! 


I like the lock as well, it's super fun to explore different features! Ah Lot/Mal, there will be more of them in chapter 3, but the reunion is planned as the ending of chapter 2. It's exciting just to think about it, and I'm hoping to have the writing done relatively fast. Thanks for playing! :D


Hi!! I really like this game!!! I played the demo around a day or so after it was released, and I really love it. I just wanted to ask, do you ever plan on doing a walkthrough when the game is finished?


Heya! I am happy to hear that! :D A walkthrough, yes! I am making a guide booklet with the walkthrough and lore and all that fun stuff included. So far (since it’s a WIP that I update as the actual story progresses) it’s only available for my patrons, but once the last chapter is completed, the guide will be uploaded on itch.io as well. Now, the way I do it, I skip the flavor choices and focus only on pointing out things that change the plot/relationships etc, but if you have a specific question, feel free to use the comment section under the most recent (and only so far haha) devlog (1.1) in case it involves spoilers, and I’ll do my best to answer!

(2 edits)

Mastravisch really goes all out with punishment making us kneel and stuff haha. With my MC's level of defiance and her distaste for it, they will probably be wearing that collar and being her footstool by next time XD

That would be something, wouldn't it! :D But yeah, Mastravisch is a tyrant with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (that doesn't mean M is not fun to write), and that's what I wanted to show. No matter the outward defiance MC shows, they will have their opportunities to get revenge... at the very least, the desire for it will be present. ;)


Just finished my first playthrough. It's... confusing. On the one hand, I know the MC can't really be sure of everything, but on the other hand, it really feels like the MC knows a hell of a lot more than I do. And I get the impression I'm kinda lacking information I could use to make the MC's decisions based on the MC's knowledge -- which is how the MC would make decisions -- rather than my own knowledge -- which is not how the MC would make decisions. It leads to some moments where I'm so unsure whether or not I'm forcing a continuity error that it breaks immersion.

MC for sure knows more than the player. But I don’t like to put all the information in the first chapter, I need at least two to get going. The narrative I prefer is more of the slow side, where the player learns things as the story progresses, which isn’t really the best for chapter-by-chapter releases (plus I know is not everyone’s cup of tea). That said, I am not sure where there could be a continuity error in a story that just started, but if you’d like to share more of your thoughts with me, please send me a direct message pdrrook@gmail.com 

Thanks for playing! :D


I love all your works sm idk how you create such compelling characters each and every time!!! 
With just the barest of info on them, just the interactions with MC in the prologue was more than enough to make me fall for each and every one of them aaaaa
Can't wait to see more of this!

Ah thank you! 🥺

i can't play on mac :c

Oh no! What’s the issue? Does the game not launch at all, or is there an error? Please let me know, so I can start looking for a solution.

I know so little about them, but I absolutely adore Mal. Religiously listening to their playlist!


There will be more of Mal in the next update! :D

ugh as much as it kills me I am going to be good and wait until its finished after playing that demo. I liked it to much to not wait for it. Loving all the characters and story so far!

Thank you sm! <3 It might take me a while to finish, since I’ll be juggling two projects plus all my other responsibilities, but hopefully it will be worth the wait! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

OMG I really loved the first chapter, all the characters are very interesting and the story is intriguing. I didn't expect that the person who betrays us will be THAT person, and I also went with their route first, so that's was... fun. I played through each route and liked every one of them. My fav part was where MC sits on Mastravisch's lap and Mirren grinds his teeth so loud we can hear it lmaooo. I'm sorry but I'm also SO not sorry. Really makes me wonder what's going on in that head of his. 

I just have a question: is it possible to include the option to change fonts? To any sans serif because reading serif, esp on a dark bg, is hard (for me personally at least), but I understand if it's too much trouble.

Anyway, it's another great work and I can't wait for more!! 😭❤️

I am happy to hear that! :D More insight into Mirren’s mind will come up in chapter 3, and there will be an extra POV feature once you replay after finishing the whole game once. But that’s for the far future, haha!

Ofc! I’ll look into that for the next update! For now, maybe using the self-voicing mode would help? It can be enabled by typing Shift+Alt+V

Thank you sm!

The POV feature sounds very delicious. 👁️ 

And thank you for looking into it, I appreciate it! 🥺 I absolutely forgot Renpy has that mode, lol. Thanks for reminding me. 

I was reading this when I was pretty sleep-deprived so I don't remember half of it but the MC can sit on her lap? How? haha. Is it based on a certain choice?

(1 edit)

If I remember correctly, you need to choose the third option in regard to how MC deals with M before meeting them. The first is obedience, the second is defiance (or in reverse, lol, I forgot), but the third one is "charming" M (which results in MC sitting on their lap). Hope that helps!! 

I love Rez. T_T

Haha, I am glad you do ;)

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