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A dark fantasy visual novel with elements of mystery and romance set in a fictional world not so different from ours, where some people are born with a strange affliction called 'the gift'.

Perfumare (Visual Novel) is a teaser of the Interactive Fiction (text-based game) Perfumare: Avulsion [WIP] and as so, it only showcases the key scenes of the secondary plot (3 branches) leading to one of the two "common" endings or several 'miscellaneous' endings.

Perfumare (Visual Novel) can be played as a standalone and doesn't require any knowledge of Perfumare: Avulsion. Do bear in mind that the content is shorter, scenes are skipped and the pace is rushed to keep all three routes equal in length.

Romance and friendship routes (romance-leaning in this demo, but you can finish the game as only-friends with the RO if you want to check their route but don’t want to romance them).

Suggested order: Reed - Jewel - Laurent 

Main differences between the demo and the IF: 

- the demo is a Visual Novel, the full game is text-based (public version),

- only one ending seen in the demo carries out to the IF (it ends the arc I), others should be treated as non-canon,

- the IF doesn't contain any dead endings, even if a certain scene would have resulted in MC's death in the demo, it doesn't in the IF,

- the IF presents more ways to deal with a problem., In the demo I went with one/two options I found more interesting to write,

- there are things MC knows in the demo that they don't know in the IF, i.e. the type of relationship (which is strictly business partners) Reed has with his 'friends' etc.

Setting: dystopian urban/dark fantasy

Tags: crime, mystery, romance (it is not a horror game)

Amnesia isn’t a tag because a)it’s temporary b)it’s used to introduce players to the setting.

Warning: Violence, explicit language, drug portrayal (including alcohol and tobacco), themes of death and suicide.

Rating: 17+ (public version)

- A nameable protagonist defined through in-game choices,

- She/her, they/them and he/him pronouns to choose from,

- 3 Romance Options: 2 male and 1 female,

- 3 Routes, each with a unique storyline,

- Choices that matter (lead to a different outcome/scene) and choices that let you customize your MC (the way they look, react to certain things and their opinions).

- Words in total AS OF CHAPTER VI: 170 000

- Words per route AS OF CHAPTER VI: 83 000

Character profiles:

Jewel: your coworker of three years. Best described as 'pessimistic' and 'prepared for everything'. Though she seems distant and aloof she is sweet and caring to those who earned her love and trust, but merciless and unforgiving to those who abused it.

Reed: your ex-classmate and childhood friend all in one. Best described as 'that one smirky bastard' and 'a ride-or-die'. He's not very effusive, and sometimes it's hard to tell if he means the things he says or if he's plotting something nefarious at other's expense. 

Laurent: an SPD agent and an unlikely friend you've met by chance a year or so ago. Best described as 'austere workaholic' and 'perfectionist to a fault'. He's like mentos;  hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

This story is a work of fiction, set in a DYSTOPIAN country. Some of the events, backstories, or choices might be (and should be) morally reprehensible for an ordinary person.

Furthermore, Perfumare is rated MATURE for: scenes of explicit violence, strong language, mind-altering substances (including alcohol and tobacco), themes of crime, death and suicide, mentions of injuries, nightmares, temporary amnesia.*

Proceed at your own risk.

*full & updated list shows up at the start of the game

Visual Novel Engine: Ren'Py by Tom Rothamel

Writing: PDRRook

Coding: PDRRook

Background art: PDRRook

Sprite art: PDRRook

Additional art and design: PDRRook

Proofreaders/editors: Dom, Cassiel, Steph 'Jeneara' M., thefoxthefox, Pugsie, Pauline (Chapters I-V), pheranthes (Chapters I-II), victoriel,

Language consultant (Italian): Sciambalala

Beta players: aforementioned + acsm, berbicacho, redmoonfoxes, Zoe A.M.

Fonts, Free for Personal and Commercial Use: 

Textures: CC0textures

Licensed under the Attribution License:

Licensed under the CC0 License: (check the 'about' section in-game)

Huge thanks to my patrons, most notably:

Aaron ✰  Abby ✰  acchandesu ✰  Actias L. ✰  Aileani ✰  aiseaisebb ✰  Alix L. ✰  alphatwelve ✰ Alysse M. ✰  Amadeus M. ✰  Amy R. ✰  Anna ✰  Anna Maria ✰  Anna R ✰  Aonith ✰  Becca ✰ beyondthecrown ✰  Blanche ✰  Boo ✰  Bri ✰  bspearss ✰  c0uch ✰  Cait ✰  Cassiel ✰  Ceinwin ✰ Chaeldra ✰  CharityBlacks ✰  Cheyenne B. ✰  Christina Palmer ✰  Clamoribusrogamina ✰ Clay ✰  Cods ✰  Conspícua ✰  cremaydurazno ✰  Dana ✰  Danielle W. ✰  del ✰  Dien ✰  duki ✰ eldritchPup ✰  Emily M. ✰  Emily M. ✰  Estel D. ✰  Eunice M. ✰  Fair fax ✰  Frenchqt ✰  freya ✰ Gaby T. ✰  Georgia M ✰  Godwhy ✰  Graciela F. ✰  haledamage ✰  Helen ✰  Icky Pop ✰ Ilonka L. ✰  IN KA ✰  Ingledsy ✰  James II ✰  Jay ✰  jayde b. ✰  Jennifer L. ✰  Jenny S ✰  Jess ✰ Joker Too Godly ✰  Juhasz B. ✰  Julija A. ✰  Junesong ✰  K ✰  Kachance ✰  Kaiisy ✰ kaileebee~ ✰  Kassandra V. ✰  Kat M. ✰  Kat V. ✰  Kate A. ✰  Katherine ✰  Katrina G. ✰ KCups ✰  Kim ✰  kingdom-dance ✰  Kit ✰  Krissy ✰  Kujo ✰  Leigh B. ✰  Lenia ✰  leondaltons ✰ Liberty ✰  LifeOnFilm ✰  lilith ✰  Lindsey J. ✰  Linh ✰  Lisa ✰  LizzyTinker ✰  logan_n ✰  Lolza ✰ Loveliest ✰  Lucerni ✰  lucian G. ✰  Luna ✰  M ✰  Mad_as_a_Hatter ✰  Mal ✰  Marianne ✰ Marissa M. ✰  Marz ✰  maya ✰  Mayowa A. ✰  Meira L. ✰  Mel ✰  Meyaa 258 ✰ MillenialStargazer ✰  Milli Vanilli ✰  mintie ✰  Miralein ✰  Mivek ✰  Morgan L. morrigan p. ✰ moss ✰  mothermayhem ✰  mrissti ✰  Natasha ✰  neridavale ✰  Noah ✰  NoFace ✰  OGPurin ✰ ONISM ✰  Patricia~ ✰  patrn ✰  Peachick ✰  pugs ✰  Qtie ✰  Queen of Antiva ✰  R ✰ Rabble Rebble ✰  Rachel W. ✰  rajakustannus ✰  Random name ✰  Reid ✰  Renn ✰  reverie ✰ RougeDavo ✰  Rubellite ✰  Rue ✰  Ryan ✰  Sabrina R. ✰  Saffron ✰  salara.roll ✰  Sara K. ✰ Shanna G. ✰  Sheena F ✰  Shuris ✰  Shuu ✰  si si ✰  Sophie ✰  Starlight ✰  Stellan M. ✰  steph ✰ Steph 'Jeneara' M. ✰  Svetlana M. ✰  Sxramona ✰  Sybylladella ✰  TeaAndStrumpets ✰ Teagan H. ✰  TheMuseBattle ✰  Tristen C. ✰  Turtleqwre ✰  Twirly Muffin ✰  Urtica ✰  Valeria ✰ Vesper E. ✰  Victoriel ✰  Vile Youth ✰  W. Hui Ru ✰  WeasleBug ✰  WhatIsSleep ✰  Will B. ✰ Yajaira H. ✰  Yihui G. ✰  yik es ✰  김 재범 

Sybylladella ✰ Mif4n ✰ Squirming Shadow ✰ Reni ✰ Vian

Where to play Perfumare:Avulsion [IF]? : [here]  

About the dead/neutral endings: as you may already know, this demo is my first ever project, and I use it to learn and experiment. As such, I was tempted to test and implement neutral and dead endings into the narrative. I soon discovered that I don't like this approach, but it is, nonetheless, something that plays a great part in the demo for consistency's sake. 

Some of the mini guides for the early chapters can be found on my Ko-Fi (free to read, the rest is explained [here]. As a hint, I can say that the early choices matter, the ones that don't give you an immediate result. 

The translations:

Since it's really up to the player if MC can speak/understand other languages or not, I didn't want to add subtitles on-screen. That said, the translation can be found in the codex section of the game (that little notebook icon in the upper left corner of the screen). It unlocks after a notification "Codex: Glossary" pops up on the screen.

For streaming and recording:

Since the game is free, I'd only ask you to limit the recording to the prologue, as to keep it relatively spoiler-free.

My antivirus doesn’t let me open the game/ I get a virus warning, why?

It's a false positive, which is a common issue if you play indie-made games. You can read more about it [here] and [here] and [here] and [here] or you can contact your antivirus providers and/or support so they can check the files for you.

Please check the full [FAQ] before asking a question. Thank you!

If you want to let me know about a bug/error/mistake you’ve found, check out this (anonymous) questionnaire: [click here]. Thanks!

[Twitter] [Tumblr

PFM Quiz: [here]

Discord: @me (pdrrook@gmail.com)

Extra content: [Ko-Fi] [Patreon]

PLAYLISTS: [Jewel] [Reed] [Laurent] [Nino] [Flavio] [Alan] [Perfumare]

Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsamare, Atmospheric, Crime, Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, Female Protagonist, Mystery, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


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The Memory Of... DLC (snippets) 2 MB

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I just finished all the routes and I am obsessed with this VN. The art is so captivating and I love Laurent´s story so much. I really hope you do more of this type of art and games and I am sure it will pay off and people will support you, truly an amazing experience, thank you so much. <3

Thank you ! I do love semi-realistic art style best, so I intend to use, yup! Glad you liked it :D

Dammit I always replay this and Laurent's got my heart, hook line and sinker he's so perfect with the hair, the suit it's so amazing you're so amazing

I am glad to hear it! Thank you! :D


my name is Micol and I’m a professional video game freelance translator.

I was wondering if you would be interested in an Italian localization of your games.

We are a small team of people (4 translators + 1 proofreader), and we have recently localized a video game during a Jam here: https://phoenix-team.itch.io/intergalactic-wizard-force-ita-locjam5

We have studied at the same academy and since we are new in this industry, you will find that our rates are very interesting.

Since we understand that the cost of localization could be hard to afford, we are open to discuss other forms of agreements. 

Please, consider discussing the matter with us. I’m sure we can find a win-win deal for both of us.

Kind regards,



i would give my soul for the full game tbh (and mostly for laurent) somehow this game reminds me of cigarettes after sex's music loll


Asads I'll spare your soul but will ask for your patience instead, while I work on the IF! :D Ohh, I do have CAS's music in my playlist (and lots of it) that I listen to when I write. Love that comparison though, their songs are very atmospheric, so I'll let myself take it as a compliment <3


LAURENT MY BELOVED HRHHRHRHRHHR. please i'm so attached to him that i have spotify playlists for him 


👀 Ohh please do share if you can, I do so love playlists 

AAAAA omg, i only have twitter if ur ok w me sending it over there!

Yesss, please do! :D


THIS GAME IS AMAZING gorgeous art, loveable ROs (and side characters, Alan especially 😫) amazing writing, and very interesting plot, honestly words aren't even enough to express how much I love this game and its characters, Reed especially, I can't even explain how much I love him, he's perfect 😭 

This was such a nice and enjoyable experience, I'm so looking forward to the IF! Thank you for blessing us with this masterpiece, and the fact that it's only a demo is really surprising because it's so good already 😫 I will definitely be checking your other works out! <3


Thank you sm! I am happy to hear you enjoyed Perfumare and I hope you'll like the other projects as well! :D


I really enjoyed this game and its writing. I felt incredibly immersed in the story :)


I am glad to hear it! Thanks for playing ❤️

I created an account to leave my comment here because I love this game and all its characters! Reed, Flavio, and Laurent are impressive to me! The content is excellent, I don't know how to express my fondness for this game, the ambiance created by words could make me forget time passing by. Anyway, I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! If there is any possibility that I could make Flavio one of my lovers? lol


Ahhh thank you SO much! I am super happy to know you enjoyed Perfumare! :D

About Flavio, yes! If you don't mind waiting, he's one of the available ROs in the sequel (new story, new MC). More info [here]. <3

Thanks for telling me this news! I am willing to wait for Perfumare any time, and your reply enlights my day!  ;D


And your comment does mine! Thank you again! :D

i can't believe this is free and that you're new to this because wtf this is incredible. i might be in love with reed


Thank you! :D

After 6 months, I played again and I still love this so much, can't wait the final version.

It's one of my itch's favorites games with Imperial Grace.

Thank you for your amazing work <3

(My english still not good but I hope you understand me)

Thank *you* for playing! <3


I'm obsessed with this. Gorgeous art, interesting story, with a lovely writing. Such a long time since I played a decent otome and far more worth paying for than many commercial titles out there. Just saying, I would happy give in my money if you ever decide to. Only wish that Laurent show me more affection. :( Looking forward to the Avulsion. You did a great work. :)


Thank you so much! <3 I promise more Laurent-related content in the IF where he will get all the time he needs to shine. :D


I played this like 1-2 years ago and loved it (before you added male pronouns for MC). I just got around to playing it from start to finish (Laurent route). I'm excited to play Reed's next. I really love the story and how it's full of story and not just PWP. It's written better than a lot of VN I've played, and the art is absolutely gorgeous! The ending felt a bit rushed, but it's not completed? I'm kind of hoping that there's more romance, especially for Laurent's route. Will you be releasing a full game that people will have to pay for? 

Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed PFM! :D

The ending is absolutely rushed because the story isn't completed at all. It was difficult for me to give a conclusion to a plot that's far from over, so I didn't. I just wrapped it up a bit so as to not leave it on a complete cliffhanger. (The reason for this is explained, I think, twice within the game itself on start and before the credits + on the main page and in the FAQ, so I will skip it here.)

Yes, the full game will have more romance as it will have more scenes. Laurent's route is a slow burn, though, so to stay true to his personality it will take more in-game time for any actual romance to happen, compared to the other two routes. (There's a link to a short snippet, though, if you want to check out how his romance plays out. You can find it, I belive, a few comments below.)

The public version of the full game (Interactive Fiction format) will be completely free to play! If you'd like to know more about the full game check out the FAQ (link on the main page). If you have more questions, please let me know! 

oh this made me cry. lovely writing also. 

Only happy tears, I hope! :D Thank you!

Possible spoiler something...



Love the VN! I just played Laurent's route, and there was no kiss like in Reed's. Was that because of my choices, or is he just too shy. I was kinda waiting for it to steam up abit, like with Reed, but all of a sudden I had finished the route. 

I am glad to hear it! :D

You can say it’s the latter. Maybe not ‘shy’ per se, it just takes him longer to ‘take the relationship to the next level’. I didn’t want to forcibly push it because having him act more openly (at this point) around MC would be severely out of character. His route in the full game can definitely be called a 'slow burn'.

I understand that it might be disappointing, but since this is a demo, and a rushed one at that, the purpose of it was mostly to showcase the characters, plot, and relationships. It was impossible for me to include everything I wanted without completely re-doing the whole thing.

That said, if you’d like to read about what you’ve missed, as a consolation I wrote a short snippet on my Ko-Fi [here] that takes place in the near-ish future. It’s completely free to read, as all the other snippets there are. <3

Thanks alot for the reply! Is the full game out yet, and will it be like a visual novel as well? With pictures and such? Sorry if I sound like a complete noob, I made an account just to ask these questions. :P


No worries! The full game is an early work in progress, as I just finished the demo last month. 

The updates are currently only available on my Patreon, but I tentatively hope to have the prologue written and published in less than half a year (it's a lengthy project). Sadly, I am unable to estimate the date with more detail, mostly because I work alone and in my spare time at that. 

The full game will be text-based only, so without illustrations. I wanted to try making a Visual Novel first, then check out Interactive Fiction format next. When I am done with both, I should be able to decide which format suits me best, if any. 

At any rate, if you have more questions, please consider checking the FAQ - you can find the link on the main page. If the FAQ doesn't hold the answers you need, I'll be more than happy to answer them here!


This VN is perfect, I love Laurent so much. ❤ Can't wait for Perfumare Avulsion! 

Ah I am happy to hear it! I am working on Avulsion diligently! :D

That's awesome! 

btw, can you post more random facts about the LIs on ko-fi? I really want to know more about them! ^^

Nowadays, I keep Ko-fi mostly for the longer pieces like snippets, but I have plenty of trivia on my Tumblr, particularly [here]. If you'd like to know more about a particular RO, just click on their name in the tags, and you'll be shown all the relevant posts. Happy reading! :D

What the fuck how is this so Good. I'm not a fan of VN but you won me over, this is gorgeous, all round perfection.

Thank you so much! Glad to hear you had fun with PFM. <3


Hi Rook! I just downloaded the android version and I am stuck in the downloading assets screen 😅

Anyway, I decided to play on my pc (worked fine) and as usual, i thoroughly enjoyed it! You're awesome!

(2 edits) (+1)

Ah, thank you so much for letting me know! I’ll continue looking into it, though I have to say I am stumped. I’ll check if the file works for anyone at all, if not I think I’ll be forced to delete the Android version completely. 

Edit:  I am happy to announce that the new (just uploaded) version of Perfumare works! 

Thank you! As always, I am glad you enjoyed yourself! :D

(4 edits)

Just finished the demo route for 'Reed'I have an Obsession, I can't wait for the rest of the game to come out!!!! 

spoiler below --) 






Quick Questions not that the game is about internment sense but... are there going to be more with the main character and reed? if you choose that option???  Also, something I thought would help make things a little as I found it a little confusing is maybe you can put the English in () after the Italian has I didn't realize it was in the book into later on or maybe make that warn a little bit bigger? also to clarify it's part of the vibes at everything super dark in brightness right? 

( Hope this doesn't come across as rude or overstepping I just thought it helpful to make a few suggestions ) ( also hope that spelling and grammar makes sense im don't good when It come to those things ) 

I am glad to hear you enjoyed Reed’s route! 

(Absolutely, no worries, it’s always good to hear about players’ thoughts and opinions! I will answer your questions below, but please correct me if I misunderstood the meaning, as I am not completely sure I got it right.)

More scenes for Reed and MC, yes. Since he’s one of the main characters there will be more of him in the full game if the player so chooses. 

About the translation. I already responded to one comment about it a while ago, so I’ll allow myself to copy-paste the message here if you don’t mind. “Since it's really up to the player if MC can speak/understand other languages or not, I didn't want to add subtitles on-screen.” I will, however, add a notice about it on the main itch.io page, to avoid further confusion. 

About the visuals. Yes, the images are meant to be dark, distorted, and gritty. That's the theme/vibe I was going for.

If you have more questions or require clarification, please let me know. Thanks for playing! :D

this was so entertaining to play through!

there's so many options and a wonderful plot line for each.

not to mention, the characters all have personalities of their own and it's super nice to just mess around with the different paths.

i can't believe this is your first attempt at a visual novel game; it's truly amazing.

i'm excited to play around more and see how many endings i can get.

 (p.s. this whole time i've been obsessed with nino and kind of wish there was a path for her KJNKQJNK)

great job on this beautiful game! <3


Thank you! 😊 I am glad to hear that you enjoyed Perfumare

(There will be a route for Nino in the sequel (different game, same setting)! It will take a while before it's released since I am working on the full IF now, but I hope it will be worth the wait. For more info about the sequel (or the full If) check [this post].)

Thanks for playing!


that's super exciting! really glad to hear about another game!! <333


the game is keeping me on a downloading assets screen. I've tried the solution that you posted on tumblr but joiplay keeps saying my download folder is empty and i dont know what to do. nothing on the internet is giving me a solution

Same ☹☹


Hi! I just uploaded a new Android version (fingers crossed it works). I tried to make a workaround and build a web version, but the game is too big to run smoothly via browser. :( I will, however, continue to look for a solution if the newest file fails to work for everyone. (Be sure to delete all the files belonging to the old version from your device before downloading this one).

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the issue!

I am confused with the game. Pardon my ignorance but this is a demo of a complete version. ??? Im confusion


Yes, this is a demo I made on a whim, using a part of the plot from a larger project (so it’s like a teaser for the text-based version). The demo can be treated as a finished game, since it offers a conclusion. It should be noted, though, that since the main purpose of working on this project was for me to learn how to code, the demo includes only the key moments of the main plot (first arc to be exact) and the pacing might be rushed/slow at times. You can find more information in the FAQ - the link is on the main page, just above the download button. 

thanks for explaining!!!!!!

No problem! Let me know if you have more questions ❤️

Its stuck in Downloading Assets screen :( i really wanna play this game tho

Hello! I received a few reports and I thiiink I found a solution. Please check [this] post for more info.


I just had to write a comment about this demo. I played Reed's route multiple months ago and for some reason I forgot to leave a comment. I LOVE this game and believe it has *so* much potential. Its already very polished which is crazy considering its a demo. I've been checking back every so often to see if there's updates or not and even though I'm a impatient person, I will wait as long as needed for this game to come out. This is honestly my favorite VN along with EbonLight. Everything about it, the story, the characters, and the art style, is perfect. I'm so excited to see the finished product and I don't know how far you are on it but seriously keep up the good work.


Thank you for your kind words and your patience! The last chapter of the demo should be uploaded soon-ish; I am still polishing the overall script and adding the last touches such as the missing CGs for Nino and Alan. The work process is slow since I am a solo developer and creating Perfumare is just a hobby that I indulge in between my regular work, but I spend as much time on it as I possibly can. The finished project, well, I don’t have enough experience to say, seeing as this is my first attempt at making a game, but I imagine that given the amount of text and variables I have it planned it won’t be a quick task either. Nonetheless, I hope it will be worth the wait. Thanks again!


This game is amazing, I really loved to play the demo !

 Thank you for your work, you are a Genius.


Thank you for your kind words! <3


hi! i only created an account to leave a comment here because i just have to say it. despite this being a demo, it's one of the most immersive vns i've played. the worldbuilding is just so unique and the lore is so developed, like it's obvious someone actually thought it through and didn't just decide to do urban fantasy and roll with it. the writing is amazing (probably the best i've seen in a free vn?), and god don't even get me started on the characters, not only the lis, they're all just so adorable (and the art!! holy moly). i've played the game 3 times already and i'm not bored of it at all. i'm really excited for the new content you're working on, i know it takes a lot of time and effort but i'm sure it will be worth the wait. i appreciate u and hope u have a nice day!


Ahhhh thank you SO much for such a lovely comment! I've been rereading it a bunch of times, and even now it never fails to bring a smile to my face. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed Perfumare, and I hope the full game will be just as enjoyable, even if it won't be a VN but more of an IF hybrid. Thank you and I wish you a nice day as well! <3


Hey! I wanted to ask if it was okay to record and post our gameplay on YouTube or not?


Hi, thank you so much for asking! You're actually the first to do it, so I really appreciate it. 

Back to your question, though. Generally, I would prefer you didn't, at least not until the last chapter is uploaded, given that the demo is still very much unpolished. However, seeing as other people did already record the game, I feel like I can't just say no. Ultimately, since the game is free, I'd only ask you to limit the recording to the prologue, as to keep it relatively spoiler-free.

Thanks again for asking!


This story is AMAZING I cannot wait for the next chapters!!


Thank you! I am working on the update diligently 😀👍

(3 edits) (+1)

This story is sooo good! I've only done Reed's route so far but it was amazing and I loved every second of it. I also love the MC! I can't wait to read more and also the text version especially because I love Flavio!!


Thank you! If you like Flavio, you might want to check Laurent's route, as he shows up there as well. 😊

A little rectification, though I will announce it in a devlog once the demo is finished. The IF, aka the text version, is the full storyline of Perfumare (Perfumare:Avulsion) with a more customizable MC, but the 3 ROs you know from the demo, following the plot outlined in the demo and stretching beyond it. The other 3 ROs, so Nino, Flavio, and Alan will be available in the indirect sequel (so a new story with a new MC). More info [here] and [here] if you want/need it.

Still, I hope Flavio's route will be worth the wait! ❤️


This is freaking amazing i can't wait to see where the story goes! The art is so freaking good and matches the vibe perfectly! Even the spotify playlists are bomb omg i love everything about this!!


Thank you! I am working on the last route right now, and the demo should be finished soon-ish. But the story is, of course, far from being over, and I hope both the full IF and the sequel will also be to your liking! ❤️


this is one of my favourite visual novels ever - probably one of my favourite games ever. I think I left a comment before but if I did lol I just got to leave one again, everything about it is so perfect!


Thank you! 😘🥰


Interesting Concept so far bruh!


Thanks for playing! 😊❤️

Hi! I visited your Patreon and one of the tiers includes "Extended Game (spice + Additional CGs)". What does it mean exactly? Does the spice part mean we get steamy scenes with the ROs? Is the extended content only from chapter. 6 onwards, or does it also add content to previous chapters? I'm interested in the tier, but I want to be informed first! 

Hi! I just edited the tier to hopefully make it more clear, but yes, you're absolutely correct. The way Patreon works, is that you get all the previous posts plus the new ones in the month you've pledged. You can read more about it [here]. If you have more questions, please message me on Patreon or contact me via mail (pdrrook@gmail.com) as to not spam the comment section, and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

Deleted 315 days ago

Hi! I copied a part of the full FAQ directly here, on the main page to hopefully make it easier for the players to notice. I hope it answers all the questions you might have, if not, feel free to contact me directly, and I'll explain everything that wasn't already brought up. <3 

Is there something I'm missing, or is the current version locked to the "but you're fine where you are" type of options? 

You're not missing anything, the public version is limited to this choice only. I updated the file, and it should be clear now, sorry for the confusion! 

Okay! Is the non-public version going to be available for purchase? Or is it something for after everything is finished?

No, the Patreon version won't be available for purchase. It is because most of the extended game will be eventually released as Interactive Fiction, and in the meantime, I wanted to share the extra stories that don't change the storyline/endings as a reward for the immense support I received from my Patrons. I understand that not everyone is happy with my decision, but I feel like it would be unfair towards my Patrons if I were to share the extra content, even in a paid DLC. I hope you understand my reasoning. <3

I totally get it, and that makes a lot of sense...What tier of patron would have access to stuff like that, out of curiosity? Tax season is among us...

If you're interested in the unreleased in-game scenes, then the Yellow+ tiers are for you. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me! Oh, yes. Tax season hurts all the more when you have to pay your taxes twice 😭 


I'm so in love with Reed! The little moments between him and the MC are so well done and intimate that the relationship feels so genuine. I can't wait for the next update!


I am glad you like the brat and I hope you enjoyed the update! 


Not gonna lie, there's something about Flavio I was into for the brief periods he was around, but I love Reed too. 


Well, you're in luck. There will be more of them both ;)


This game is so special, I really can't say enough good things about it. I can't wait to see how it progresses- but definitely take your time and care of yourself PDRRook, (saw your health comments on this thread) I hope you're feeling better asap <3 


I am glad to hear you enjoyed Perfumare and thank you so much for your nice words! <3


I need more!! I've reached a cliff hanger and I must have more!


I just finished the last route! The next update should be uploaded mid-to-late April! :D


I'm SO excited for it!!


Wow- just wow- the writing, the art style, the story, plot - everything is just wow! I've fallen completely and shamelessly in love with Reed (may or may not be listening to his playlist as I write this), and I cannot wait to see where his route leads! (Maybe a happy ending? Please?? My heart-)

Anyway, spectacular job, keep it up! Also look after yourself though, these are strange times indeed

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