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A dark fantasy visual novel with elements of mystery and romance set in a fictional world not so different from ours, where some people are born with an strange affliction called 'the gift'.

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Due to major changes in the script, the old saves won't be accessible in a version higher than 1.2. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Development log


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I just installed this game, and my virus checker gave me a warning (that the exe contained "the pattern of TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen"). Have you seen this error before?


No, I can't say I have, sorry. All I know is that some of the antivirus programs are known to give false positives on indie games such as those made with Ren'Py (like mine). Still, I'd recommend contacting your antivirus providers and/or support so they can check the files themselves. and if needed, updated their databases. 


Legit in love with this game! Keep up the great work!

Thank you! :D


I can't stop thinking about this game! I just finished all three routes, and I'm so impressed. The story and atmosphere is fantastic and unique. The characters are fascinating, and I adore the mystery element. The sprites are gorgeous! I've been recommending this game to a bunch of my friends. Highly looking forward to future chapters! Amazing job! <3


Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear. <3 I am finishing up assets for the next chapter so hopefully you won't have to wait long to play it!

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I've been trying to think of how to review this story for a few days and im still not sure how to put into words how happy and relieved it made me, i guess i'll figure it out while i write.

I'd been trying out a different VN right before this one and i had to rage quit due to the (sadly) typical "dumb naive mc who can't put two and two together is constantly humiliated by smirking hot boys (but somewhow she likes it) and loudly&proudly announces she can handle herself (she can't, as it turns out)". HeartForge recommended Perfumare on their blog, and seeing as i love their games and respect their opinion i thought to give it a chance and i've loved what ive seen so far.

I love the setting and the fact that the plot is different in each route makes it so much more interesting to play, as it offers a new experience that fits each character individually. I love the characters, who are complex and layered, and how the writing is a good example of "show don't tell", allowing characters' expressions and mannerisms to paint you a picture of who they are even through the mc's lens, which doesn't feel disconnected from the player at all. They are observant, generally careful of what they say or do in front of other people, as their situation demands. At some point they even bring up somethign mentioned in passing by another character rather than just letting it go. I think that, as players, it's normal for us to sometimes make connections that would be easier to forget in the heat of things but i feel like we've all encountered a scene where somethign was so painfully obvious and in-your-face that the fact that the main character didn't even register it felt like a deliberate choice of the writer to dumb them down so that the reader didn't get more clues, and ive felt that 0 times here. I do wish there'd been other gender options available as i generally prefer using neutral pronouns in games like these though.

All in all it's been a cool game so far and I've exhausted every option given, going back and forth to see what more i could experience. Also, for whatever reason my brain short-cricuit and made me think the game was finished when i downloaded it so you can imagine my wail of agony when i suddenly got the TBC screen lmao.

I Hope we'll be seeing updates in the future, im really curious of how this will end and being able to get to know the characters better!

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Thank you for such a thorough review, and I am glad you enjoyed the game. Hopefully, you'll find the future chapters to your liking as well!

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This is so so good!! ♡♡♡

The atmosphere you created with the neon lights, the art and your writing feels so real it's really immersive.
I also like the way the MC perceives emotions through smells, that's so cool!!

Just a curiosity, is Reed supposed to be italian or just italian-american? cause one of the words he says (a fanabla i think?) doesn't mean anything in italian jsyk!


Thank you, I am glad you liked it! 

Short answer; the latter.
Long answer: The world I created for this story isn't a copy of our world; it's just based on it. The countries, similarly, aren't taken from our world (though the languages are, for simplicity) the map is different, so I can't say that Reed is Italian-American since in the story there are no such countries. The reason I did this is - since I am European myself - I wanted to include other nationalities and languages in my game. That said, I don't know much about Italian slang, so I searched through several forums and articles, and I found that word there. Unfortunately, I don't have any Italian friends that could confirm it for me. But thank you for pointing it out. I'll make some changes, and I'll try to be extra thorough with my research in the future! <3

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honestly i don't think it really matters if the word doesn't mean anything, given that is another world. In some games that's how they create "new languages". They take words from languages and change them up a bit so that they still sound like the original for diversity's sake but still doesn't have a direct link to it.

Being spanish, i was actually pretty happy to see that the game had its own world, as pretty much every other modern fantasy always seems to be based in america and it gets a bit tiring for everyone to assume that's the only place things can happen, even when the plot really doesn't depend on it at all (although before i knew yours was a fanatsy location, i thought it was based in britain for whatever reason) .

(1 edit) (+2)

You're right, I know a lot of games do that kind of thing. Still, when using other languages in my game, I wanted to be as correct as I possibly can. And Sciambalala (thank you again <3) offered to help me with the dialogue I've planned for Chapter V, so I am feeling a lot better knowing that there should be no more weird words left. :D

I know what you mean! I wanted to make the world in my story as universal as it can be for that very reason. For example when creating the city, Elazar, I didn't use a specific location, just a set of things I think can be found in most of the cities around the world. I am sure every country has one of those cities, where some parts are more representative but largely the city is kinda ugly, kinda grim, you know. So hopefully, everyone can see a part of their own 'world' in this one and can imagine that, despite the language of the game, the story takes place wherever they want it to.


OMFG This was so good! I can't wait to see/play more! Thanks for all the hard work!!

Thank you! :D

Is there a set gender for the mc

Yes, the MC is female. 


SO excited about this game! Everything is so tangible in the writing, and it really balances the concept of "the player character is a person who lives in this world" with "the player doesn't know anything about this world yet", which is a really fine line! Amazing job, really looking forward to more!

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it! I was a little worried about making a temporary amnesiac MC in a completely new world so it's good to know I didn't mess it all up. Thanks again! 

On Reed's route there's an error in line 624.

Thanks, it should be fixed now.

i played all the three routes and i loved them !!! they're so different from each other and we can learn more about the mc and ros <3 (my favorite was reed, i just love that little shit and how his relationship with mc feels so comfortable and natural) <3 , can't wait to see what's going to happen next (╯✧▽✧)╯

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you! I wanted each route to be a different experience, so I am glad you had fun with all of them. There's more to come in the next chapter, so stay tuned! :D

Hello! I really want to play this game but my antivirus program doesn't allow. Is there any problem with the game files?

Hi, I scanned the game folder with two different antivirus programs (Kaspersky and ESET) and it came out clean both times. It seems to be just a false positive detection, but just to be sure, you can contact your antivirus providers and/or support so they can check the files themselves for your peace of mind.

So the route depends of the color we choose or will it come later ?

You'll have the option to choose your desired route at the beginning of the third chapter. The colors are just hints.

Okay thank you for the explanation, I'm about to pay it haha 

No problem! 

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Hello Rook! Perfumare got me hooked!!! It's exactly as it should be, and the slightly grimy atmosphere is delicious. The amount of freedom and choice the player is given is also dazzlingly rich and wow, I really am looking forward to what's next in store! <3

That said, I'd love to have a way to send you a private message. Does Perfumare have an email already? I could write what I have to say here but I'm afraid it would be a little too public. If you have any way you're comfortable with to reach out to you in private, I would be forever grateful! 

Once again, keep up the amazing work! Impatiently waiting for more :) 

Hello! Thank you, I am glad you found the setting interesting!

Yes, of course. You can contact me via mail ---> pdrrook@protonmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

This is some serious gourmet shit, Rook! *chef's kiss * I absolutely enjoyed my time with this, the characters? the art?? the writing??? Boi, I got chills and I'm not complaining. Honestly, I can't wait for more, keep up the great work!!

Also, just wondering is there anywhere we can follow you? Perhaps tumblr, if you have one?

(1 edit)

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the first two chapters of my story!

Unfortunately, I don't have any SNS accounts that I use other than I guess Itch, but I'll be creating one soon. I wasn't expecting such a warm welcome, to be honest, so I wasn't not really prepared, sorry.  But as soon as I make an account (I think on Twitter) I'll post the link on my profile and in a new devlog.

Edit because I have no chill. My twitter is up and running, just a bit empty at the moment. ----> Twitter

YESSS, I haven't been on twitter for years but I'm coming for ya! Can't wait to see all your progress! (i'm gonna be thinkin' bout reed and jewel for the next few days///)

Yay! Thanks! 

I cannot wait for the story to continue. You've done amazing work! Believe in yourself. You've got talent. Thank you. :)

Thank you so much! <3


I am already so intrigued! It is very atmospheric and right away I was engaged with the story! Look forward to seeing where the story goes! 

Thank you! Glad you liked it! <3

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Any chance there will be a version for mac?

Sure is, now. ;)


The best demo I've played my entire quarantine.

Thank you! <3

the demo was so cool and intriguing !!! the art: beautiful and unique, can't wait to see more of your game <3 (also the music and added little sounds help a lot to immerse yourself in the game, extra cool !!! ) 


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! <3


You had me at "dark fantasy." I just finished playing the demo and really enjoyed what you have so far. I love the atmosphere and the fact that the characters are mature adults. I'm kind of tired of playing games mostly geared towards teens, so this was a nice change. 

I found a spelling mistake. When the shop owner says "I though you had better taste...".  It should be *thought* . No big deal. 

Anyways, I wish you the best with this project and everything else. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates.

I am glad you found the first chapter interesting, and I hope the rest of the story will be to your liking as well.

Thanks for pointing it out. I corrected the mistake and uploaded a new version of the game file.

Thank you! :D



This is so interesting! 😃

The art is phenomenal, too! 😘

I'm hooked already, like I can't wait to figure out what's going on. Knowing my luck, I feel like I might just end up falling for the wrong person. 😂

I think Jewel is beautiful. Her name is Jewel, after all. I hope Jewel is trustworthy, but I can't be for sure. For now, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I don't know about Reed. I mean, Reed is cute, but he's too close for comfort. His personality is rubbing me the wrong way, like he's trying to be nice to lure us into a trap or something.

As for Laurent, I think he's handsome. I don't know if we can trust him, either. I suspect Laurent was sent to deceive us, like pretend to be our friend, but then turn us over to the authorities. 

Maybe I'm just overanalyzing, but someone is trying to frame us for murder ... or we actually did commit it. 😶

There's no way I'm capable of that. I'm a weakling ... 😐

Anyhow, I can't wait to play some more!

I hope an update comes soon! 🤗


Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. :D

Without revealing too much, all I can say is that the story is heavily influenced by your (the player's) choices, and there are several ways you'll be able to shape both your past and your future. I think you'll know what I mean when you get there. :)

I am already working on the next chapter, so it should be done in a few weeks (I hope xD). 

Thanks again for playing!